CariVu Trans Illumination

Clearly Seeing Your Teeth to Treat With Confidence

Our offices uses CariVu Trans Illumination™ which is a portable device that gives us 99% accuracy in diagnosing cavities. The device uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of all types of cavities. CariVu hugs the tooth and bathes it in safe, near-infrared light. The enamel appears transparent while porous lesions appear dark.

We believe that giving you an effective diagnosis is the first step in good oral care. Before CariVu, cavities were normally detected through visual inspection, explorer, and x-rays. With technology advancing more and more, new tools (such as the CariVu) allows us to see through the tooth and into the problem without exposing you to radiation.

Here are some of the reasons the CariVu is a great tool:

1. Improves Diagnostic Certainty

Our staff is able to see more with the CariVu than with an x-ray. Not only does this mean that the diagnosis will be more accurate, but before filling cavities, Dr. Regan DDS will know exactly what is going on and where he may run into any issues.

2. Rest Assured

Since the CariVu easily differentiates healthy tooth from cavities, the image that is produced is easier for you to understand. You can see exactly what is going on in your tooth.

3. CariVu is safe

Unlike traditional x-rays,  the CariVu emits no radiation. This is especially good for children, pregnant women, and patients with other medical problems.

4. Speed

The CariVu Trans Illumination is much faster than an x-ray. Our staff will just have to snap a photo and it instantly saves. Thanks to this, you will spend less time in the office!

Contact our office if you have any questions regarding CariVu Trans Illumination.